Post and Rail

Post and Rail

 Choose either square sawn or half round finish. To calculate requirements if using 3.6m rails take the total fence line in metres and divide by 1.8 and that gives you the number of post and the number of rails to construct a 2 rail fence. You may need to allow for an extra post if you are not starting or finishing on an existing fence or gateway.

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3.6m 87 x 38mm rails Green Tanalith E

Product no.: FR087038360

£6.59 *

3.6m 100 x 47mm rails Green Tanalith E

Product no.: FR100047360

£9.55 *

3.66m 100mm Half Round Rails Tanalith E9000 with added BARamine treatment UC4

Product no.: FR100366H

£7.93 *

1.8mtr x 125 x 75mm 4 way pointed post HC4 Kiln Dried Green

Product no.: FS1250751804WPHC4KD

£12.05 *

1.8m 125 x 75mm post 1way top Green HC4 Kiln Dried

Product no.: FS125075180W1HC4KD

£11.40 *

2.1mtr x 125mm x 75mm 4way pointed HC4 Kiln Dried

Product no.: FS1250752104WPHC4

£14.64 *
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