Stockfence available for many classes of use.

For keeping in cattle, sheep, pigs, deer and horses. Note for horses you must choose a spefic "horse" fence with holes small enough that they can not get their hooves caught in it.

For excluding deer, badgers and other vermin.

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C8/80/15 50mtr Tornado Stockfence 800mm High

Product no.: NSC88015T

£55.99 *

HT8/80/15 Tornado Stockfence 100m 800mm High

Product no.: NSHT088015T100

£121.67 *

L13/122/15 Tornado Stock fence 50m 1200mm High

Product no.: NSL1312215

£83.08 *

R8/80/15 Tornado Torus Stockfence 100m

Product no.: NSR088015T100

£134.11 *

R13/120/8 Torus 50m Horse fence

Product no.: NSR131208

£200.33 *

LHT13/190/15 Deer Fence 100m

Product no.: NDLHT1319015

£235.80 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery