Entrance Gates

Entrance Gates
  • Raised arm entrance gates are handed - Left Hand or Right Hand.
  • The timber is machined to a standard size, stop chamfered and planed
  • All joints are morticed and tenoned
  • All rail and cross bracing timber is bolted with stainless steel bolts
  • Traditional attractive gate designs
  • These entrance gates are also known as driveway gates or raised helve gates due to their distinctive curve 

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Entrance Gate 900mm Left Hand

Product no.: JV003L

£164.34 *

Entrance Gate 900mm Right Hand

Product no.: JV003R

£164.34 *

Entrance Gate 3600mm Left Hand

Product no.: JV012L

£340.56 *

Entrance Gate 3600mm Right Hand

Product no.: JV012R

£340.56 *
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